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UNIQUE Fragrance | Make your own custom perfume & create a bespoke scent

Make your individual perfume!

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Become a perfume designer and create your own fragrance. We will take you to a journey to the glamorous world of perfume-designing.

Making your own perfume or cologne is easier than it sounds.

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Only a few easy steps are necessary for creating a custom perfume even from at home. You may choose between two varieties: Either you select your favorite scents out of our 50 notes to design your own perfume, or our specialized fragrance experts create a personalized perfume for you with the help of a questionnaire filled out by you.

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If you would like to create your own scent, the first step would be for you to decide which main character your fragrance should represent. Afterwards you pick up the desired DIY perfume trend.

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With the assistance of stars you learn which of the notes would perfectly fit to the character. With over billion varieties in combination the uniqueness of your individual perfume is guaranteed. Custom and bespoke perfume: Your experts for personalized fragrance Founded in UNIQUE became the leading company in worldwide individual and bespoke perfume-creating. We have set ourselves the goal of bringing the world of fragrances closer to our customers.

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Wearing the same dress at a party as someone else or for that matter wearing eindeutige flirtsignale mann undistinguishable perfume from the woman next to you, implies an embarrassing moment, and a drama that might ensue.

Every day should be starting with a custom made scent.

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  • UNIQUE Fragrance | Make your own custom perfume & create a bespoke scent
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UNIQUE will help you rediscover your uniqueness in providing the world most special scents for you to create your own customized perfume. We are a manufacturer located in the center of Berlin, where fashion, innovation and technology melt to a single ladies in cologne environment.

Influenced by the experience of French perfumers and selected fragrances from all over the world our Berlin based manufactory is creating individually tailored scents.

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Today UNIQUE counts more thancustomers, single ladies in cologne important members of fashion, music and makers of international politics. We manufacture more personalised perfumes than every other perfume company in the world.

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Send us a short inquiry and you will get our professional perfume maker presentation. Some handmade creations are also available as our bestseller.

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single ladies in cologne Our Service: Our experts are happy to help you to create your own perfume Our commitment to you is to exceed your expectations on not only helping you create your unique fragrance but also our perfumers will answer any of your questions and help you with their expertise regarding the composition of different scents and information about origin, quality and characteristics of the naturally extracted components.

How can I customize my bottle and scent?

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Which notes fit me best? As a UNIQUE customer, you should expect nothing less than the best possible service in finding your personal fragrance every time you deal with one of our representatives in person, by email or on the telephone, Monday- Friday from 9am- 5pm GMT. For further information and more complex questions please use our website contact form or help us to improve through your reviews and feedback.

Customer Service.

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